Attunements are the very core of the Usui method of natural healing that makes this system unique from other systems of healing.  Universal life force energy flows through every living thing.  However, through a series of initiations, a Reiki Master will transmit this energy in an amplified state to the student, thus opening a channel within them through which the energy can flow in its purest form.  

The attunements are very precise and can only be transmitted by a Reiki Master, who has been trained to carry them out.  The levels or degrees have been designed around the attunements and an individual’s ability to take on the energy amplification received in the initiation.

The Effects of Attunement

The attunements will affect each person very differently, depending upon your vibratory level at the time you receive them.  The energy moves into the body in a clockwise spiralling movement and begins to move us into the next level of our evolution.  Consequently, if you have for example, spent considerable time and energy on your personal development through inner work prior to the attunement, you are more likely to move up your spiral of development quickly and notice a quantum leap in your awareness following the attunement.  

If you have done very little or no work on yourself, then the consequent development and expansion of your consciousness may be much more subtle and assist you in moving through your changes at a much gentler pace.  In short, the expansion of energy will be relative to the level you start at.  An important consideration to bear in mind here is that you can continue to increase your vibratory level after the attunements by simply using the energy regularly.

There is no limit to the amount of attunements you can receive. Your Reiki can improve by receiving additional attunements for the same level you already have.  Even though you need only one attunement to have Reiki for the rest of your life, extra attunements for the same level you have will further refine and strengthen your Reiki.